Wobbly Kitten Comes to Homeowner Asking to Be Let in, the Young Cat Lands Perfect Place for Help

Wobbly Kitten Comes to Homeowner Asking to Be Let in, the Young Cat Lands Perfect Place for Help


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A wobbly kitten came up to a homeowner asking to be let in. As it turned out, he landed the perfect place for help.

sweet cat happy wobblyEngine the catSavingGraceRescue

Tegan was quite surprised when she found an unexpected visitor who had wandered his way into her backyard. Right away, she noticed his wobbly gait as he teetered and tottered with every step he took.

The moment the kitten saw Tegan, he weaved towards her, eagerly asking for attention and head snuggles. He was starved of food and love, and desperately wanted a roof over his head.

Concerned about the young cat, Tegan reached out to her sister, Amber, who is the founder of Saving Grace Rescue specializing in the care of kittens and special needs cats.

wobbly stray catHe showed up in Tegan's backyard and wobbled right up to herSavingGraceRescue

"He did walk through an open gate (to enter the backyard). It's like he knew a special needs rescue was nearby," Amber told Love Meow.

As it turned out, the young cat, named Engine, has cerebellar hypoplasia, a condition which affects the cat's motor skills, balance and coordination.

wobbly stray catHe was friendly and very hungrySavingGraceRescue

They tracked down where he came from, and discovered that he had been living in a car with his owner, but was left behind to wander the streets when his owner could no longer care for him.

Amber took him into her care, so the sweet boy could have a new lease on life.

sweet wobbly cat engineEngine in his foster homeSavingGraceRescue

Engine is very friendly and has never met a stranger. "He's immediately affectionate to anyone he meets, including at the vet hospital. He settled right in when he was brought into a house."

On the first day home, he wandered from lap to lap, curled up in a purring ball of love, accepting hugs from everyone as if to make up for lost time.

snuggly cat hugsHe loves to cuddle with everyone in the houseSavingGraceRescue

He slept soundly that night in his comfy, warm bed with a full belly.

Aside from being a bit wobbly, Engine is perfectly healthy and has a penchant for cuddles. He trails after his people like a shadow and supervises them as they go about their day.

sweet cat snugglesEngine follows his people around and is always ready to offer a snuggleSavingGraceRescue

"He races after us and vocalizes if he wants to be picked up. He will launch himself against anyone laying down and then slide, so he's as close as possible," Amber shared with Love Meow.

Engine bounces back every time he takes a tumble. He plays his heart out with unbridled energy until he's all tuckered out.

happy sleeping cat kittenHe loves all the toysSavingGraceRescue

He takes joy with every toy he comes across and never fails to make people smile with his endearing quirks. He chases feather toys with so much vigor and ventures through tunnels like a true explorer.

His wobbliness doesn't slow him down a bit.

sweet wobbly cat engineEngine is very playful and super lovingSavingGraceRescue

Engine relishes basking in the sun in the fenced backyard with the family chickens. He respects their space and spends time with them, enjoying the fresh air and soothing breeze.

"He was curious about the chickens at first, and now he just hangs out with them when they sit in the yard. The chickens aren't afraid of him."

chicken yard catEngine enjoys hanging out with his chicken friendsSavingGraceRescue

The smart little guy found the perfect place to seek help, and is now ready to find a forever home that will love and spoil him endlessly.

sweet cat wobbly engineSavingGraceRescue

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