Kittens Born Days Apart So Happy to Be Back Together and Won't Let Each Other Out of Sight

Kittens Born Days Apart So Happy to Be Back Together and Won't Let Each Other Out of Sight


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Kittens who were born days apart, are so happy to be back together and won't let each other out of sight.

orange kittensWendy and PeterOne Cat at a Time

A tiny kitten and her cat mother were found outside in the cold and brought into an animal rescue in Québec. The cat wasn't caring for her baby who was 2-3 days old and desperately needed round-the-clock feedings.

One Cat at a Time, a rescue group, sprang into action when they were contacted for assistance. They named the kitten Wendy, placed her in a cozy incubator to get warm, and started hand-rearing her every couple of hours.

While the kitten was being cared for, the cat mom was taken to the vet. They were shocked to discover two more kittens still lodged in her belly, and she needed an emergency surgery.

newborn kitten incubatorWendy was found outside in the cold when she was just a newbornOne Cat at a Time

At that point, no one expected the kittens to be viable, but they hoped for a miracle. "To our surprise, one of the kittens was still alive. He made it. It was nothing short of miraculous," Marie Simard, founder of One Cat At a Time, shared with Love Meow.

With the help of the veterinary team, the new baby was stabilized and began to perk up. The cat mother showed no interest in raising her kittens but was glad that she could start healing and would never have to go through another pregnancy.

newborn kitten nursingPeter the miracle kitten was born days after WendyOne Cat at a Time

The second kitten, named Peter, was transported to One Cat at a Time to be reunited with his sister, who was born a few days earlier. As soon as he rejoined her in the incubator, the two gravitated towards each other and started snuggling, as if they had never been apart.

"You could tell Wendy felt safer once she felt a sibling with her and they were instantly bonded."

bonded kitten siblingsThey were immediately bondedOne Cat at a Time

With Peter by her side, Wendy's spirit rose and appetite improved. Her energy rubbed off on her brother who gobbled down the kitten formula like a champ.

Over the next few days, their eyes started to crack open and they became more inquisitive about their surroundings. As their legs got stronger, they started to move around, side by side, as if they were joined at the hip.

kitten best friendsThey opened their eyes and made their first steps togetherOne Cat at a Time

Wendy and Peter went on mini excursions in their incubator, traversing across layers of blankets and exploring every nook and cranny. They nursed on their faux mama together, and always napped as a duo.

As they grew bigger, their fluff amplified. They often woke up with the cutest bed heads, and waddled about, looking to be fed.

hungry kittensOne Cat at a Time

After getting treated for some tummy issues, the feline siblings got their clean bill of health. They were finally ready to move into an upgraded kitty suite and expand their mischief-making.

By the time they reached their one-month mark, they were healthy, happy and very playful.

happy kittens twinsWendy and PeterOne Cat at a Time

The brother and sister figured out their litter box together by mirroring each other. They learned to eat from a dish and honed their craft as a team.

"They are both full of energy. They are always together and it's helped them both learn how to be a cat," Marie told Love Meow.

kittens learning to eatThey hone their feline skills togetherOne Cat at a Time

Wendy and Peter are like two peas in a pod, completely inseparable. They still have a lot of growing to do and feline skills to perfect before they are ready for adoption as a pair.

kittens fluffyOne Cat at a Time

After a rough start, the brother and sister are thriving in the comfort of a loving home, and so happy to have each other.

sibling kittensWendy and Peter share an adorable bondOne Cat at a Time

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