Kittens with 3 Paws and Extra Toes Share a Strong Bond After Being Found Together in Backyard

Kittens with 3 Paws and Extra Toes Share a Strong Bond After Being Found Together in Backyard


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Two kittens, both with three paws and extra toes, share an unbreakable bond. They are always together, through thick and thin.

3-legged kittens, bonded kittensSake and Sakura the kittens were found with three pawsOne cat at a time

A few weeks ago, Marie Simard, founder of One cat at a time (a kitten rescue in Quebec, Canada), received a plea for help about two tiny kittens desperately needing rescue.

"They were found outside in a backyard by a lady. She contacted me and sent me pictures of the kittens showing that they were both missing a paw," Marie shared with Love Meow.

The cat mom was nowhere to be found after searching the area. The kittens were dehydrated, had trouble eating on their own, and needed medical attention immediately for their legs.

They are a bonded pair and always togetherOne cat at a time

At 1 1/2 weeks old, the brother and sister had been through the wringer, and were battling infections. The vet wasn't sure if they would make it. Despite the grim prognosis, Marie and everyone else at the rescue were determined to give them a fighting chance.

The black and white kitten, Sake, was especially frail. His sister Sakura (the tabby) snuggled up to him as if to comfort him and cheer him on. "From the start, the two shared a very special bond, and they were always cuddling," Marie told Love Meow.

cuddly kittens hugsThey hug each other when they sleepOne cat at a time

The kittens were started on antibiotics and catered to every three hours around the clock. "Their foster family had to give them hydrotherapy. They made sure to keep the wounds clean at all time, and it paid off."

Through painstaking care, the feline siblings perked up and their appetite soared. They began to put on weight and gain strength.

The kittens do everything together and are completely inseparableOne cat at a time

"They had a follow-up appointment at the veterinary clinic recently, and their wounds seemed to be healing," Marie shared with Love Meow.

Both kittens have extra toes and opposable thumbs on their paws, making them polydactyls. As Sake and Sakura are fighting off the infections, they are getting more active and turning into quite the rolly-pollies.

polydactyl kittens, cats with extra toesThey both have extra toes and thumbs on their pawsOne cat at a time

They like to wrap their arms and mittens around each other when they nap, and will seek out one another if they aren't within eyesight.

The kittens have defied the odds and pulled through with triumph, thanks to the timely rescue and dedication from their foster family. The brother and sister have been each other's biggest cheerleader throughout the journey.

Sake showing off his cute bellyOne cat at a time

At six weeks old now, they are getting more playful and curious about their surroundings, and their personalities are emerging.

But some things never change -- Sake and Sakura are like two peas in a pod, completely inseparable. Having three paws doesn't deter them from loving life.

At six weeks old, they continue to cuddle every dayOne cat at a time

The brother and sister duo are getting the best care from the rescue to ensure quality of life as they continue their journey together to full recovery.

kittens with extra toes, opposable thumbs catThey have grown by leaps and bounds in foster careOne cat at a time

"Who said they can't live on three legs? They are perfectly imperfect," Marie added.

Best of friendsOne cat at a time

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