Kittens Trapped in Sewer Pipe

Kittens Trapped in Sewer Pipe


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Two kittens were trapped in the sewer pipe after passing through the drain gate and falling 8 feet down to the bottom of a vertical pipe. They were stuck there and unable to escape.

Neighborhood children heard and saw the kittens crying and were drawn to the the source of the cry. They were seen throwing food into the pipe, trying to give the kittens some replenishment, so they would not go hungry. A resident named Emma Kinnard from May Street realized the kittens were trapped, called the Animal Control to get help to rescue the poor little souls.

It was not an easy task to get the kittens out of the pipe given that the kittens went down 8 feet deep from the surface. Dan Antherton of Berrien County animal Control started installing a device made of a U-bend to capture and rescue the kittens. He added cat food as bait in the device, hoping the kittens would be attracted to it since they would eventually be looking for food.



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