Ling the White Fluffy Lady Cat

Ling the White Fluffy Lady Cat


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Ling was adopted when she was around 2 months old. Her previous owner was not able to keep her. When her new mom saw her, it was love at first sight. "They sent me a photo of Ling, I just fell in love," said Toggie, Ling's mom.

Ling moved into a big family where she met Ming, a mischievous tortie kitten who was about the same age as her. They hit it off right away and their friendship started to grow and blossom. Ling loves to tag along with Ming, waiting for her direction and telling her what to do. Even when she finds something fun to play with, she will let Ming have it first.

Ling has developed a strong bond with Toggie's grandfather. With such long coat, you would think she'd be an excellent groomer, but in fact, she lets Ming do most of the washing for her. However, every morning, she makes a trip to grandpa's bed and gives him a facial without fail. She will do it until grandpa is up to feed her. Ling loves to rest on grandpa's lap and meows for attention even though grandpa is in the middle of something.

Ling: "Meoow!"

Grandpa: "Good Ling, let me watch this tv show, ok?"

Ling: "Oh? WAAOOOO!"

Grandpa: "Ahh, please sweetie!"

Everyday they share an hour or longer conversation like such. Sometimes she snoozes off in the middle of the conversation on grandpa's lap.

Today Ling's grown into a beautiful, sweet and affectoinate 7 year old lady cat. Even though she is mellow, she strides in the house with confidence and a larger than life purrsonality.

Photos courtesy of Toggie.


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