Little Ginger Rascal, Alfie

Little Ginger Rascal, Alfie


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Paul Lee fell in love with little Alfie a beautiful 4 month old ginger baby in first sight. The affection Aflie for Paul was reciprocal. When Paul was visiting Alfie, he was meowing and reaching out his little paw towards him, as if he was saying "Please take me home." "Alfie was the only ginger kitten there. We just fell in love when we saw him, he was very active, waving his little paw and trying to grab us." At that point, Paul knew that Alfie was going home with him.

Paul nicknamed the little one "Rascal" because Alfie has so much energy that he does not seem to stop playing. "He plays with everything he can get his paws on and he is very adventurous and completely fearless," said Paul.

Alfie does not like to be alone and will verbalize to his family if he wants attention. He meows a lot if there is no one around him. When the family gets back home, he always comes to greet them by head butting their legs, looking up at their face with his big lovely eyes and constantly rubbing his face against them. "Aflie is a very affectionate little boy."

Photos courtesy of ©Paul Lee (flickr: Skinny Piggy).

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