Little Ginger Rescued Baby

Little Ginger Rescued Baby


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Chunli and her friend found a tiny little ginger kitten on the street early this month. "He was so small that his eyes were not even open at the time," said Chunli. The little kitten was most likely abandoned by a stray cat mama and was lost on his own. Chunli picked him up and took him to her home.

They immediately gave her kitty milk that he desperately needed. The little ginger was hungry and gobbled down the food very quickly.

Today his eyes are open and he loves to explore his new home, playing with everyone in the house. He especially likes to wrestle with mommy's hand and sometimes he nibbles and suckles on it. He's brought so much of joy and laughter into the family. Chunli named him Lulu and he is now one happy, playful and healthy kitten.

Photos courtesy of ©Chunli (flickr: chunli-duan).

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