Little Rescue Kitten and Her Furry Friends

Little Rescue Kitten and Her Furry Friends


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Little Mau was found wondering on the streets on a Saturday when Tracy was out for a walk. She was very shy and timid, but somehow she trusted this complete stranger and let her take her away from the unpredictable world of outdoors. It was perhaps the first time she experienced home.

While Little Mau was staying with her foster mom, she was greeted by three very friendly cats - all of them are also rescues themselves. They were curious about this new kitten, sniffing around and exchanging nose kisses with her. Little Mau was initially a little spooked by the three larger cats, but soon calmed down by their warmth and friendly manners. Right away she felt like a part of a big furry family.

Little Mau is a healthy little girl who loves to play. The volunteers from the shelter helped her locate a good home. Now she is enjoying her second year with her forever loving family.

Photos courtesy of ©Tracy Chan (flickr: beatrice524).

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