ginger cat mother talks to kitten babies

Loving Cat Mama Talks to Her Tiny Babies in the Cutest Way


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Momma cat Miyu loves to talk to her kittens whenever she's there caring for them. The tiny fur babies respond to their mama in the cutest way.

ginger cat mama and ginger kitten babiesYouTube

Cat moms frequently meow to their kittens as a way to communicate with them. They will meow or chirp every time they enter the kitten pen or nest to signal their arrival. When it's meal time, the cat mother will meow to her babies to let them know it's time for dinner.

Whenever the kittens need their mom's attention, they will also meow or cry to let the mother know they need her.

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Nursing is always like a chorus of happy purrs and chirps all around.

ginger cat mama and ginger kitten babiesYouTube

Watch the full video here:

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