Lucy the Kitty Joins Meow Family

Lucy the Kitty Joins Meow Family


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We met little Lucy on a Saturday at an adoption event. We were looking to adopt another cat, another fur friend for our three boys. Lucy who was grabbing and nibbling on her care taker at the time, caught my attention. She was very tiny and her head was smaller than half the size of my hand. Her big ears were perked up when I said "Hi!" to her. I put her in my arms, she started to purr aloud. At that point I knew I had found my kitty. It was definitely love at first sight.

Lucy was a kitten rescued by Almost Home Foundation hours before she and her littermates were being put down at a kill shelter. She was only a few weeks old. On the website Lucy says: "I love to snuggle and I purr 24/7. Considering I was hours away from being put down at a High Kill Shelter, I really love life.  Maybe that's why I love life."

I emailed Jessica, a volunteer from the shelter and told her how I felt about Lucy, hoping they agreed that we would be the right family for her. Several days later, Jessica got an answer from Lucy's foster mom, Sabrina that they were happy to let us take Lucy home! I was overjoyed.

Lucy has a big purr motor in her tiny little body. She purrs even when she is playing. She is very affectionate and loves to give many consecutive head bumps. It's hard not to love her. When she plays, she becomes wild. She will go in full throttle when she goes at a jingly toy. Sometimes she doesn't know when she is tired and just keeps going.

Though Shadow, Lucy's new brother still needs time to bond with her, Jackie and Flip have become good buddies with her in only a couple of days. In fact Jackie and Lucy became friends in just one day. Jackie is a big kitty with a heart like a kitten. He will get Lucy to chase after him and then hide behind the curtains and stick out his paws, so Lucy can grab them. When Lucy wants to go to places that she is not supposed to, Jackie (a male cat with tremendous motherly instinct) will step in and tell her not to. He is such a wonderful catsitter. [Video of Lucy and Jackie]

We gave Lucy the entire guest bedroom so she has her own space during this introduction and transition period. Jackie is always by the door watching Lucy and follows her around to make sure she behaves. Lucy in turn gives him kisses and headbutts.

Lucy has so much energy that sometimes she can be a handful, but she has added so much laughter in the house and the kitties have started to enjoy her company. We are grateful for what Almost Home Foundation and other rescue groups do to give these wonderful and precious animals a second chance to have a beautiful life they deserve.

Lucy is our only girl, our princess in the Meow Family :).

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