Man Finds Cat Who Just Had Kittens Under His Bed But He Doesn't Own a Cat

Man Finds Cat Who Just Had Kittens Under His Bed But He Doesn't Own a Cat


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A man was surprised when he walked into his room in the morning to find a cat with a litter of newborn kittens nestling neatly under his bed.

"I just found a cat that is not mine and it has had babies under my bed," he shared on twitter yesterday.

Paris Zarcilla, a London based film producer/director, went upstairs to get himself a sweater but instead he found a sweet cat mama snuggling with her tiny kittens nursing away.

"Am I dad now?" he wrote.

He had a surge of emotions going through his mind when the most unexpected scenario occurred in the comfort of his home. "Paternal instincts kicking in. Overwhelmed with feels. Don't know how to deal," he tweeted.

In no time, he was overwhelmed by the cuteness that the little bundles of joy exuded.

"I am living for these babies. Any work commitments I have are now temporarily on hold. Sorry I'm a dad now," he added via twitter. "Just cancelled my order for comics and single malt whiskey. Now buying cat food. This is fatherhood yo! I'm here for this."

His warm abode suddenly was filled with love and endless amount of purrs.

"I have run the gamut of human emotion today. Unexpectedly discovered more than kittens but also the hidden depths of my own capacity to love," he tweeted.

He is hesitant about naming the kitties at this point as he hasn't had a chance to find out if the mom belongs to someone.

Later, he reached out to Cats Protection, a rescue group based in the UK, and they advised that the mother cat should stay with her kittens for at least six weeks.

Zarcilla plans to get the cat mama scanned in the near future, but he seems more than ready to offer them a forever home if no one comes forward to claim them.

"Beginning to experience the dread and emotional turmoil of the idea that I might have to give up the fluff blessings at some point. This may be someone's cat and I don't want to take away this joy from anybody. But my dad instincts have kicked in so hard."

The mama cat and her kittens are doing well at the place of her choosing.

Perhaps she knew all along that he would be the right human to help look after her brood.

As for now, Zarcilla is enjoying the company of these beautiful creatures as they grow.

"I think I'm living the best day of my life," he said.


After a visit to the vet, they couldn't find a microchip. "No one has come forward to claim her, so I will," he said.

"Unconventional is what comes to mind when I think of this queen, much like the way she came into my life. So, I'm giving her an unconventional name. I'd like you to meet, Forever. Because her arrival, her presence has changed me... Forever."

The kittens have grown by leaps and bounds!

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