Man Saves Feral Kittens Who Were Terrified of Him But One Week After the Rescue...


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A man found three tiny kittens in a couple of skunk traps. The little ones were terrified and wanted nothing to do with him, but the man was determined to help them find a new lease on life.


Earlier in the spring imgur user tysonoff spotted several skunks around their acreage. "Folks don't generally like to have skunks living under their decks, which is where I saw a skunk hanging out when I got home from work one night," he shares with Love Meow.

They planned to relocate the skunks so set out some humane traps. By the end of June, they had caught three skunks, but they could still hear noises underneath the deck.

Then one day he woke up to three tiny kittens in two separate traps. "They looked terrified and their terrified little faces made me feel really bad."


"I knew they couldn't live under the deck, but I also knew that they couldn't be released into the wild as it would have been a surefire death sentence out here on the Canadian prairies, with all the hawks, eagles, owls, coyotes, foxes, etc."

The mother cat was nowhere in sight, so he decided to build a small kitten pen inside his shop to keep the little ones out of harms way until he could find them all good homes.


The kittens were very frightened and would hiss, growl and spit at their rescuer. "They probably viewed me as a hairy faced deep voiced giant," he told Love Meow.

The kind-hearted man kept them fed but the kittens would not let him touch them, so every night after work, he spent a couple of hours with the kittens trying to bond with them. Slowly, their attitudes shifted.


"Eventually they would start purring if I were to pet them. Soon after I could pick them up without issue."

The kittens were brave enough to venture out of their kitten pen.


Soon they took over their human's shop, running around like they own it.

Before he knew it the kittens had claimed him as their surrogate dad and would climb up his legs for attention and some TLC.


"They seemed to take me on as their mother figure or at least 'The Bringer of Food," he told Love Meow.

"They went from being seemingly feral to happy little kittens in a week."


"They like me now and I've already found a home for one of them."


"My little escape artist, Sage, rubbing his scent off on me."


It's safe to say that Sage has chosen his forever human.

"A week ago this kitten wouldn't do anything but hiss and spit at me, yesterday he made me feel loved."


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