Man Saves Warehouse Kitten and Becomes Her Forever Cuddle Buddy


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A man found a tiny kitten in a cardboard box at a warehouse. He scooped her up and became her forever human.

"My boyfriend was helping a friend grab a sign from a giant warehouse when he heard a tiny cry. He followed that sound to a cardboard box with this tiny baby in it," GretchenEllenberg said. "It was hidden behind some metal. It was a tall box with glass at the bottom."

They believe the cat mother must have left the baby there. "Once they finished their work he scooped her up. Since she was so tiny I named her Baby Kitty. She sometimes goes by Baboojz."

More info on imgur.

She was so tiny, not even the size of his hand.

They fed her around the clock.

She loves cuddling with the man that found her.

They introduced her to their resident cat who became her new sister.

They quickly bonded!

She wouldn't leave his side when he's at home.

Baby kitty loves her human dad who saved her from the warehouse. Now she always has someone to cuddle with.

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