Marser and His Furry Cat Café Friends

Marser and His Furry Cat Café Friends


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Marser, like many Japanese people from the younger generation, is not able to have cats in his home, but thanks to the cat cafés, he gets to hang out with his favorite furry buddies and spend quality time with them every day.

"There are 4 cat cafés in Kyoto and I have visited them all. There are probably over 100 cat cafés in Japan now," said Marser.

"I love playing with cats, relaxing with one on my lap and having a conversation with another cat lover at the cat café."

Many of these furry residents are taken in from the local shelters and some of them may be adoptable. They are staff at the café and their job is to play, nap, eat and be spoiled and pampered.

Marser has fallen in love with every single cat he has met, but one of them has particularly captivated his heart by afar.

"Her name is Himawari which means sunflower. She is the staff of Neko Kaigi. I love her." She is always happy to see him come through the door. He will sit down and she will jump on his lap and keep him company.

Check out these lovely kitties that Marser met in different cat cafes. Photos courtesy of ©Marser.

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