Marshmallow the Kitty from Backyard to Forever Home

Marshmallow the Kitty from Backyard to Forever Home


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Meet Marshmallow. He is one of the six kittens that were rescued from a backyard. "a (feral) cat had kittens… and one of the volunteers went to the house and grabbed the kittens. Another volunteer went back and trapped, spayed, and released the mom cat. The folks who found them agreed to feed the mom until she found her way home or moved on," said Michelle, volunteer for 13th St. Cat RescueIBOK Rescue and Paws for SJACS via Good Morning Kitten.

Marshmallow was very shy when he came to her foster home, but soon it all changed. "I treated them, bottle fed them for about a week, and taught them to eat wet and dry food and to use the litter box. Marshmallow, a little boy, was the first of the litter to be adopted."

Who can possibly resist those beautiful blue eyes?

Photos by ©Michelle Peters Spivack via Good Morning Kitten.

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