Maya the Little Calico

Maya the Little Calico


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Written by Giane Portal.

Maya was born in my house (daughter of the two cats I rescued - Bo and Shun), in the living room, surrounded by other cats. My cats (mostly rescues) are all neutered, but at the time we just did not do it in time for Bo and Shun. It was amazing how fast cats get pregnant. We learned our lesson. I was feeling gulty and happy at the same time. It was an unbelievable experience to have babies at home, but there are so many others kitties outside waiting to get help (please spay and neuter).

We decided that we were going to give all the babies up for adoption. It wouldn't be difficult: one yellow guy and four calico girls, but Maya stood out to my boyfriend and me. When she started to learn to walk, we immediately fell in love. She used to spend much more time with us then with the other cats. So we thought "Well, we'll keep her. Just her. And we'll find good homes for the other ones." Then, Maya became our 9th cat.

Maya is a little fur baby full of her own character! She is funny, very vocal and purrs a lot. She will come over and ask to be petted. She is very friendly and loves to learn everything from other cats and then incorporate her own personality in it.

Maya is very active and has never ending energy. She loves to play fetch just like her fur buddy Goku! Her favorite toys are paper balls that we use to throw in the house and she will run after it, retrieve it back to us and meow to let us know she wants to do it again. If other cats steal her paper ball, she always gets it back.

Maya is a fearless little one, afraid of nothing and gets along well with everybody in the house! How could I not fall for her? My princess Maya!

Photos courtesy of Giane Portal (flickr: fofurasfelinas).

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