Mechanic Heard a Meow from a Car, Couldn't Believe What They Found..


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They heard a meow from a car, so the mechanic reached inside and couldn't believe what they found.

YouTube/Gary Yeomans Ford Lincoln

"The vehicle came into our service department. Apparently, the kitty escaped from his home and sought shelter in our customer's car," Gary Yeomans Ford Lincoln told Love Meow.

"Our customer drove his vehicle in that morning to have it serviced and our techs heard a meow noise up next to the engine. That's when our tech went to work and freed the cat. He then presented the cat to our customer and the first words out of his mouth were 'That's my neighbors cat'."

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Kitty was rescued unscathed!

YouTube/Gary Yeomans Ford Lincoln

"That cat was very lucky to survive this ordeal. He was driven about 10 miles to our service center from his home. We had a couple of cold evenings so the cat sought shelter from the cold in the next door neighbors car," Gary Yeomans Ford Lincoln told Love Meow.

As for the car, it endured more damage, but the good folks at the shop fixed it up for the car owner free of charge.

YouTube/Gary Yeomans Ford Lincoln

Watch the rescue in this video:

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