Meet Sauerkraut the Cat, the Grumpy Sourpuss

Meet Sauerkraut the Cat, the Grumpy Sourpuss


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Meet Sauerkraut the cat. Some would call her a sourpuss. She's not easily pleased and tells it like it is. She never hides her true feelings and always faces life with a catittude. Not sure what she thinks about Tardar Sauce the Grumpy cat, but Sauerkraut is no slouch in the grumpy department. She'd give you the stink eye, if you doubt her.


"Humans and their need for attention."

"Don't! I can already smell your lunch from afar."

"Enough. No More."

"A cat patio? You promised me the world!"

"That's not how you treat a lady."

"I can tell something is creeping behind me..."

"You think this style is fashionable? I've lost hope in humanity."

"You said we could watch intellectual shows. You got 3 seconds to change it."

"This lumpy couch displeases me."

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