Mickey the Foster Cat Running the Store

Mickey the Foster Cat Running the Store


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"One year old gentle cat (12.2lbs) surrendered to the shelter for the lack of time on his owner's part, Mickey was adopted almost in a heartbeat... fostered in a super friendly pet supply store," said Eva Prokop, an animal rescuer from Brooklyn. The store has been helping many local animal shelters fostering and adopting out cats and kittens. Mickey loved ruling the roost in the store. In fact, when you visit there, there are usually a couple cute foster cats patrolling around.

"He would make a good store cat, but I like the idea that they foster while kitties are getting adopted. " Eva added.

"I learned that some cats open cat food. If there are more than one, it is unclear who the culprit is, but these foster cats are a special kind - they are usually raised from kittens and trained not to open cat food (dry variety, of course. I am yet to meet a cat who knows how to use a can opener. They will always need us to do that for them)."

"In his new home Mickey has 3 loving humans in a beautiful large apartment - 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms and 2 gigantic closets. His litter box is in one of the closets which basically means that he has a private bathroom."

Zohar, the owner of Pets on the Run (on Manhattan Avenue in Greenpoint, Brooklyn) has made his store a foster home to many rescued cats.

Photos courtesy of ©Eva Prokop (flickr: evapro).

Here are some of the rescued cats Zohar helped foster and adopt out:

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