Mochi the Little Calico Wonder

Mochi the Little Calico Wonder


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Mochi the little rascal found her new home not too long ago. When Tom Troutman and Jenissa Wilson saw her for the first time, they knew that they had to take this adorable little wonder home.

Mochi is quite the cat to her new family. Though she came from a local shelter, according to Tom, he would rather believe that she is an "intergalactic feline" who came from space in "an egg shaped pod" and descended to this world with a great purpose.

"She likes to run around wild and jump into the toilet whenever the seat is left up or carry her toy mice around in her powerful jaws. I've determined that she only sleeps when no one is home and if her energy could be harnessed it could possibly power a small city," said Tom, Mochi's new dad/servant.

Mochi totally rules the roost in her home. Everyone loves and adores her. She's inspired Tom in so many ways in both life and art. "I'm quitting my job so I can make kitten motivational posters," said Tom half seriously.

Photos courtesy of ©Tom Troutman and ©Jenissa Wilson.

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