Motherless Kittens Walk Up to Father and Son for Help


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Two little motherless kittens walked up to a father and son in a scrapyard, looking for help...

One of the kittens poked out his head when he saw the young man.

Photo by Brendan Miller

"My father and I were collecting some equipment for our new business at a scrapyard and we found this kitten and its sibling all by themselves. After looking around for the mother, we found her deceased nearby unfortunately," Brendan Miller shares with Love Meow.

The kittens were a bit shy at first, but the little tabbies were alone and hungry. They slowly walked up to their human friends and tried to reach out to them.

"They warmed up to us after a while, they seemed to like the camera."

Another kitten also came out from hiding.

Photo by Brendan Miller

At this point it was clear that the little ones were looking for help.

Photo by Brendan Miller

They just lost their mother and now they only had each other.

Photo by Brendan Miller

One of the kittens walked up to the young man, and suddenly flopped down on his side...

Photo by Brendan Miller

He rolled on his back and started playing with his big shoe.

Look at that little belly!

Photo by Brendan Miller

Then he curled up on his feet to settle in for a break.

"These are my shoes meow!"

Photo by Brendan Miller

The father and son knew they had to get the two kittens out of there so they called the owner of the property about the kitties.

Photo by Brendan Miller

The person came and offered to foster them until they are big enough for their forever homes.

The young man said he couldn't take in the kittens due to financial reasons, but it warmed their hearts to know that the little fluff balls are now in good hands.

Photo by Brendan Miller

Rescue and adopt!

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