Moxie the Little Black and White Charmer

Moxie the Little Black and White Charmer


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Written by Moxie the kitty.

I am one of the mellowest, easiest going cats ever. I love people and just want to be with you. Big kitties, sure; Visiting 1 year old twins, no problem; picking me up in mid playtime, sure as long as you are going to pet me; oh and set me back down and I will go right back to getting that thing I was getting before. When you first meet me I might give a tiny wimpy hiss, especially if I'm startled, but let me get comfy in my place and I will soon own the world around me and go with the flow no matter what happens.

I like to talk sometimes when I'm playing or exploring. I'll trill and murl and muffle like my brother Boomer. It's fun to sing while you play!! Also, when I'm cuddling I know you will take care of me. I have no problems rolling back to get more comfy, I know I won't fall because you are there to catch me RIGHT?! What is gravity?

I am a princess, I have the biggest motor of the bunch and I might be the closest thing to the perfect balance of mischief, cuteness, love & calm that a kitten can be.

Photos courtesy of ©Rachel Lee Fox (flickr: phoenixfeatherphoto blog).

Moxie has been homed by the Humane Society Silicon Valley.

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