My Cat Brought Back a Dead Bird

My Cat Brought Back a Dead Bird


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Have you received a "present" such as a dead bird or rodent from your beloved cat? While you almost fainted in that incident, did you wonder why your cat did that and for what reason cats bring back these unusual "gifts".

There are many interesting and novel ways cats choose to express love to us. One of them is linked to their natural hunting instinct. Cats hunt not entirely because they are hungry. Often they hunt out of instinct. Though some felines may bring back and keep their prey as a snack, many of them simply just leave the carcass randomly in the house. Why do they do that?

According to animal behavior experts, cats sometimes carry back surprises as a way to train us. Just like how mother cat hunts in front of her litter of kittens. It is a way to train kittens to become better hunters by showing them an example. Perhaps our cats think we are terrible hunters who seriously need their guidance on how to hunt.

Another reason why they come home with "gifts" is a way for them to express their gratitude and appreciation or simply want our approval. Dead animals may look extremely unappetizing to us, but to our beloved cats, they are highly valued presents.

Cats' instinct to hunt is hardwired in their brain. Even though you have indoor cats, often you discover a dead bug or spider that your cat has caught. A bird feeder is an excellent gadget to have for indoor cats because it attracts birds and fulfills your cats' need to observe their prey. Toys such as a battery-powered mouse toy or a laser pointer can stimulate your cats and allow them to stalk and chase in your home.

That's why da bird has been the most popular toy for felines because of its resemblance to a real bird. This toy can totally conjure up your cats' hunting instinct in a matter of seconds.

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