Nonny the Kitty Will Steal Your Heart

Nonny the Kitty Will Steal Your Heart


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Nonny has been an energetic, adventuresome little kitty ever since he came to Rachel's foster care at 7 weeks old. He would keep playing and playing until he ran out of fuel, and then he would fall asleep right where he was.

Nonny is the first kitty out of his crib to explore the world (well, inside his foster home). He is fearless and would stalk his siblings when they are playing.

Nonny wants things to be on his terms. He is full of curiosity and extremely smart. He is always the first kitty of his litter to figure out how to do the thing he wants.

Little Nonny has stolen a family's hearts and now rules the roost at his forever loving home.

Story and photos courtesy of ©Rachel Lee Fox (flickr: phoenixfeatherphoto blog). Nonny was rescued by Humane Society Silicon Valley.

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