Orphan Kitten Strays Into Man's Life. Now He's Family


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A tiny orphan kitten strayed into a this guy's life. They became family.

"This guy was delivered to me starved and covered in fleas... Now he's family," reddit user petrifiedkitten wrote.


"His name is Walker. He's a rescue I took off the streets in downtown LA... No mom, no siblings. About 4 weeks old, and covered in dirt and fleas."

The man nursed the little kitten back to health and cared for him until he was confirmed parasite free. The little fur buddy made amazing progress.

"It was touch and go for a while (we weren't sure he was gonna make it since he was so undernourished and fragile). But he pulled through with some help from a few friends with experience in saving stray cats, and a great vet."

"Two baths and some formula and this little guy is off the streets and in my bed."


Cuddling with his human dad.


What's up little guy?


He grew bigger!


"We're still in love."


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