Pallas Cat

Pallas Cat


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Flickr: Tambako the Jaguar

Pallas' cats are one of the smallest wild cats (also see Sand Cats), but they are perhaps the most fluffy of all felines . Originating from Central Asia - parts of China and Mongolia where the temperature can go down to negative 40 degrees. Pallas' cats are equipped with an extremely thick layered coat for them to handle any treacherous weather conditions. These furry creatures may look plump and large in size, they weigh similar to an average house cat. Their stocky figure is mostly due to their thick fur, not fat.

(Play the videos below to meet a few gorgeous Pallas cats)

Flickr: law keven

The most unique features that differ Pallas' cats from domestic cats are their eyes and ears. Pallas' cats' ears are smaller and positioned lower on the head than domestic cats. Small ears help reserve heat in cold weathers. Their pupils are round and will not constrict into a narrow slit.

Pallas' cats also named Manul are crepuscular animals which means they are active during dawn and dusk. They feed mostly on rodents, pikas and birds. These felines share the same sleeping habit as domestic cats. Throughout the day, they'd try to nap as much as they can. If they are not sleeping, they enjoy watching and observing little moving critters.

Pallas' cats are one of the oldest feline species. They were named after the naturalist Peter Simon Pallas.

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