Pep the Cat Makes University of Regensburg His Home

Pep the Cat Makes University of Regensburg His Home


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Meet Pep the cat. He's quite involved in his campus life. This black and white feline has a home close by the University of Regensburg in Germany, but all he wants is to stay in the university surrounded by students and staff, so he has turned it into his second home.

Pep or Dr. Pep is a very respected member at the university. He's a star. Not only does he help the students with their studies, but he supervises campus life to keep things in order.

Students have started a Facebook fan page and group to share their moments with Dr. Pep.

Meet Pep the cat. He is a respected member and a celebrity at the University of Regensburg in Germany.

This beautiful black and white cat has made the university his second home.

Pep lives close by the university but prefers living on campus surrounded by students and staff.

He helps students with their homework and so when they get tired, Dr. Pep comes to motivate them with lots of purrs.

He likes to walk in the lecture room to assist the professor.

He keeps the daily operation on campus orderly.

The library is one of his favorite places. He even has his own library card.

School is hard work, but Pep comes to the rescue.

Students adore their feline companion and take turn to play with him.

Pep walking down the hallway, saying meow to his campus buddies.

By the end of the day, he snuggles up on a chair or a bed made by the students for a comfortable nap.

Follow Pep's updates on Facebook. Photos via Facebook and imugr.

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