Pixie the Adventurous Tuxedo Cat

Pixie the Adventurous Tuxedo Cat


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Written by ©Jenna Johanna.

Pixie was born on May 2006. He was a stray cat when he and his two brothers came in as fosters to me. I (Jenna Johanna) decided to keep Pixie and his brother Russi. What a joy my life has been since Pixie entered my home! He is full of life, mischief and is always ready to play. He has humour and always makes me laugh.

Pixie's favourite things are tennis balls and walk outside with me. He loves to run after things that I throw.

Pixie lives with me, his brother Russi and his three sisters Sonja, Sally and Bullis. He is very gentle with his sisters, and they love him so much. They nap together, and they follow him around in the house. He has much patience with them.

Pixie likes to boss his humans around, but he is very scared of strangers. He only lets me and my man pat him. Other people have tried to bride him with his favorite food, shrimps, etc., but he would not come even close to any strangers.

When I go fishing on a boat, Pixie follows me, waits by the shore for my return. He can wait for hours. Sometimes I hear him cry after me when I am on the boat.

Pixie is a mama's boy. He is such a great kitty with a big personality.

Photos and stories courtesy of ©Jenna Johanna (flickr: Jenna_Jo).

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