Pregnant Cat Cami Travels from Kentucky to Minnesota for a Second Chance

Pregnant Cat Cami Travels from Kentucky to Minnesota for a Second Chance


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Cami the cat was given a second chance when she was heavily pregnant. She is so incredibly sweet - a cat all the way from Kentucky ended up in the humane society in Minnesota. "I guess the owner of the humane society here (Minnesota) received a distress call from someone in Kentucky that this mama was on the euthanasia list there and would she take her. So she said yes and here she is! I still can't believe they saved her all the way from Kentucky! I'm so glad she's with me now and is safe," said Lindsey the foster mom.

"She started contractions at about 2:30 PM. First kitten was born at 3:43 PM. It is a GIRL and looks to be a dilute tortie! She weighed in at 104 grams. Second kitten was born at 4:33 PM. It is a GIRL and I'm not sure what to call her color? A gray tabby maybe? She weighed in at 98 grams. Third kitten was born at 6:26 PM. It is also a GIRL! And she is a black tortie. She weighed in at 123 grams. (No wonder she took longer to be born, she was big!)" Lindsey wrote on her blog.

"Cami has only left their side a couple times, to eat and get some love from me. She seems so proud of herself!"

Cami the cat mama, sticking her tongue out while getting brushed

Nom nom...

Cuddles after feeding

Photos courtesy of Lindsey. More at Diary of a Foster Cat. Sweet moment of Cami snuggling her baby kittens to sleep:

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