Rescue Kitten Born with Tiny 'Snout', She Knows She's Perfect!


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This tiny fluff ball was born with an adorable nose that resembles a tiny snout. She has a cleft lip and is truly special. Meet Piglet the super cat!

The day Piglet met her forever human.

Photo by @cleftlipsupercat

This little bundle of joy was born with a cleft lip and rescued at just a couple days old. Despite being a bit different, the little fur baby knows she is just as perfect as others!

Her human said: "Her palate is 100% normal! I (Piglet's human mom) am a vet tech and work at a specialty and emergency vet hospital, so Piglet has seen many vets and all agree that she is healthy and there are no surgical repairs to be made!

As of now her cleft is purely aesthetic and shouldn't cause any issues except excessive cuteness!"

More info on Instagram @cleftlipsupercat.

The day Piglet was found and rescued...

Photo by @cleftlipsupercat

"(She is) adventurous, loving and unphased by her cleft, Piglet is a super cat with a super personality!"

Photo by @cleftlipsupercat

Waking up in the morning! Piglet is excited to see her human mom!

Photo by @cleftlipsupercat

Piglet and her favorite toy!

Photo by @cleftlipsupercat

Watch video: Her little antics make everyone smile :).

She may be tiny but her personality is bigger than the world!

Photo by @cleftlipsupercat

Watch video: Piglet now has a furry best friend!

At two months! Isn't she just purrfect!!

Photo by @cleftlipsupercat

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