Rescue Kittens Found Each Other Became Inseparable Friends


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Two rescue kittens met in the shelter at Tonis Kitty Rescue and bonded instantly. Betsy who is a surrendered cat became very protective of her new black and white brother Curly who was found in a dumpster.

Curly had a rough start in life, so Betsy the tabby kept him company, guarded and loved. They connected like siblings.

Betsy and Curly, 2 rescue kitties, found each other at Tonis Kitty Rescue, and bonded instantly.

Curly had a hard start in life, and Betsy became very protective of him. "Sometimes the only way to protect your buddy from the camera is to lie right on top of him!"

They connected like siblings.

Totally inseparable.

Photos courtesy of Josh Norem at Furrtographer and Tonis Kitty Rescue (Facebook).

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