Rescue Kitty Raised by Rabbits Now Thinks She's Part Bunny!


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A tiny orphaned kitten was raised by rabbits. Now she thinks she is part bunny!

Meet Mia the kitty and her rabbit family!

Photo courtesy of Liz

Mia the kitten bonded with two rabbits at her foster home. They became her forever family.

Marlowe and Melba the rabbits adore their little feline baby. When they first met, Marlowe immediately took to the little tuxedo kitten and snuggled up to her to keep her company. He was very protective of Mia that the family eventually adopted her because they simply couldn't separate them.

"Mia came and joined her BFF Marlowe while he was in a bonding session with Melba," Liz told Love Meow. Now they are inseparable!

More info on flickr.

Marlowe and Melba snuggling with their little feline baby Mia.

Photo courtesy of Liz

They became the family she never had!

Photo courtesy of Liz

Mia loves her bunny buddies and try to be like them when they nap and even has a taste of the straw.

Photo courtesy of Liz

All grown up now. Mia still snuggles with her best buddies in their comfy nest.

Photo courtesy of Liz

She thinks she's part bunny! :)

Photo courtesy of Liz

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