Rescued Family Pearl, Fig and Olive

Rescued Family Pearl, Fig and Olive


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Written by ©Theresa Mershon.

Teen mom Pearl and her new kittens Fig & Olive - My neighbors Amy & Lynn rescued Pearl from our neighborhood (Brooklyn, New York) when she was very pregnant. She gave birth a couple of days after they found her. Pearl is amazingly sweet and a great mother. It's clear she was someone's pet who was abandoned -- she is so happy to have a roof over her head, she purrs and makes biscuits non-stop.

Fig is a tiny little boy who looks like a pirate with his goatee and eye patch. Olive is a very pretty girl, and she's bigger and stronger than Fig. Fig wasn't doing so well for a while, but Amy & Lynn gave him a lot of attention and now he's starting to catch up to Olive.

We are looking for homes for all of them. Fingers crossed, we already have people interested in meeting them. Mina and Fritz (the feline foster parents) might get the chance to foster the kittens for a few days when Pearl goes into be spayed next week -- unless they find forever homes first...

I have a suspicion that Mina is Fig & Olive's half sister. There's a big gray Tom with the same face and fur texture who gets all the ladies on our block, and so far he's too smart to get snagged by the TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return) team.

Photos courtesy of ©Theresa Mershon (flickr: treether).

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