Rusty the Cat Saves Life of Owner

Rusty the Cat Saves Life of Owner


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A 10 year old cat Rusty gave his owner a "cat" scan and saved her life. Claire Nelson adopted Rusty from the Humane Society of Berks County two years ago. No one looked twice at Rusty because he was a little older, but Claire fell in love immediately after they met. One day she was not feeling well but thought it was just indigestion. The normally laid-back and relaxed Rusty became very anxious. "Everytime I tried to sit down or go back to bed and lay down, the cat would jump up on me, put his paws on my leg - pawing at my chest, letting out these horrible meows. It was totally out of character for him," said Nelson.

Rusty encouraged Nelson to call and visit her doctor, but while she was waiting at the bus station, she knew something was very wrong and called 911 for help. Later the doctor discovered that Nelson just had suffered a heart attack.

"The best thing I ever did was go to Humane Society and adopt this cat. Because at the time I thought maybe I was saving his life, it turned out he saved mine." In Rusty's honor, the animal shelter is now offering free adoptions of older cats this summer.



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