Sand Cat a Small Wild Cat

Sand Cat a Small Wild Cat


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Sand cats (Felis margarita) may look like domesticated cats because of their small size, but they are wild felines that live a solitary life. Sand cats are very small. An adult Sand cat weighs an average of 6 lbs (2.7 kg). They are unlike their wild cousins Lynxes or Bobcats that have their own territories, but Sand cats live in similar areas as some big cats.

Sand cats obtained their name from the natural habitat they reside in. They are accustomed to an arid climate such as deserts. In order to escape the desert heat, Sand cats often take turns to burrow and dig into the sand and create their own little sanctuary. Sand cats feed on mainly insects, rodents, lizards or other small critters found on the desert. There is little water source in where they live, thus they primarily hydrate themselves with fluid from their prey.

Sand cats have a round face and a set of large ears. The ears are wide open and spaced, so they can capture even the quietest foot steps or tip toes made by desert insects, rodents or lizards.

Sand cats are nocturnal animals that are extremely shy. They like to hide into an enclosed area during the day and come out at night to prey. They can live about 13 years in captivity.

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