She Had Less than 10% Chance to Survive. This Orphan Kitten Surprises Everyone!

She Had Less than 10% Chance to Survive. This Orphan Kitten Surprises Everyone!


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They said she only had 5-10% chance of survival, but this brave kitty with bent front legs surprised everyone with her incredible fighting spirit.

Meet Lilo the miracle cat!

Photo by Tenth Life

In September, a litter of 5 kittens came to Tenth Life after being left behind by a feral stray. They were born with front legs that weren't properly formed. Though little Lilo has permanently bent front legs, this fur baby doesn't think she's any different.

Little did the rescue group know that the kittens' lives were challenged by panleukopenia, also known as feline distemper with a survival rate of only 5-10% for kittens under two months of age. Four of the kittens didn't make it, but Lilo wasn't willing to go down without a fight.

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After a very needed bath first day in her foster home.

Photo by Tenth Life

Miraculously, Lilo was one of the 5-10% who survived!

"(At the ER) she had a very high fever for 24 hours that they fought to get under control and luckily her system finally responded and joined the fight. Even when her foster mom was holding Lilo, waiting for the doctor, she purred heartily and rubbed her face all over in a display of affection," Tenth Life told Love Meow.

Photo by Tenth Life

"Her foster mom felt like 'that was her letting me know (as a representative of the whole litter) that they felt loved and really loved me back as their Mommy.' Bobbi continues, 'we had a pep talk that I needed her to hold down the fort and be okay.' Luckily, Lilo fought and did just that!"

Photo by Tenth Life

"As spunky and playful as she is, she's still super cuddly and has purry trills that she makes when snuggled. She loves rubbing her nose against (and UP) her foster mom's and lays her head on her shoulder with eyes closed when having her cheeks kissed, soaking it all in. She's so little but sooo special!"

Photo by Tenth Life

"Not only did this darling survive, she is now thriving in her foster home, and we couldn't be happier. In fact, she has even mastered the stairs! Every day, we are grateful for this little lady's strength, and we send her all the positive, healing energy we can."

Photo by Tenth Life

"Two weeks out of the ER and Lilo is doing wonderful. She has mastered climbing the stairs of our home, loves supervised playtime with the resident cats and is full of spunk while still loving to cuddle," Bobbi, Lilo's foster mom, said.

Lilo has kicked feline distemper's butt and she never cares that her front legs are bent. This miracle kitty loves her life to the fullest!

Watch Lilo play in this cute video:

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