She Works in a 24 Hour Kitten Nursery. Here are Some of the Babies!


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She works in a 24 hour kitten nursery. This may just be the cutest and most rewarding job ever!

"I work in a 24hr kitten nursery. These are some of our babies," imgur user BeccaNR said. "Even though we are surrounded by kittens, each new one makes us melt inside."

Volunteers become the surrogate moms or dads for these tiny orphaned kittens. They care for them around the clock, feeding every a couple of hours to make sure they live and thrive.

They do everything they could to give these little babies the best chance at life.

"It does take its toll sometimes, especially because you become so attached to the sick ones because you spend so much extra time with them, but it is so worth it when you see a tiny, struggling baby become a healthy kitten running around and chasing his tail," BeccaNR said.

All these babies are spayed and neutered before being adopted.

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