Shelter Cat with Cutest Quirk in His Eyes is Eager to Find a Place to Call His Own


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Belarus the cat came to the shelter, in need of a forever home. This handsome one-year-old kitty with his crossed eyes and fluffy tail was eager to be loved.

Josh Norem @TheFurrtographer

Belarus was brought to the Animal Care and Control San Francisco due to landlord issues. "He came to us because his owner's landlord told her that she could not keep him. The family was very sad," Deb Campbell of ACC San Francisco told Love Meow.

ACC took him into their care and was determined to help him find a forever home. As soon as Belarus arrived, he won everyone's heart. "This big gentle fellow is friendly, affectionate and ever so handsome with his crossed eyes and floofy tail," the shelter added.

Whenever someone comes to visit him, Belarus gets up from his bed and demands attention and pets.

Animal Care & Control San Francisco

"When we went to his kennel, he stood up on his hind legs and leaned on the door as if to say 'Pick me up!' It was so cute," Josh Norem of Furrtographer told Love Meow.

Belarus is an affectionate and cuddly gentleman. When he's held in someone's arms, he is in pure bliss.

Josh Norem @TheFurrtographer

He's been around children and dogs and thinks he's part canine. The sweet little guy can't get enough of attention from staff and volunteers, and is more than ready to find a place to call his own.

"He likes to cuddle! Our volunteers and staff have been working with him to help him get ready for his new home," Deb told Love Meow.

Josh Norem @TheFurrtographer

He might see things slightly crossed, but nothing can stop him from being a snugglebug that he truly is.

Josh Norem @TheFurrtographer

Belarus knows that he is meant to be the king of a household and is ready for his new adventures in life.

Animal Care & Control San Francisco

Share this story with your friends. If you are interested in adopting Belarus (located in San Francisco), click here for more info. Follow ACC San Francisco on Facebook.

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