Shetti the Tabby and His Buddy

Shetti the Tabby and His Buddy


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When Shetti came to his new home, he was a tiny little kitten that was curious about the world. He was alert and playful. He would go around the house to check out every single corner existed.

Today Shetti is a two year old adult cat, but his kitten playfulness has not disappeared. He plays very hard and then he will conk out on a chair, snoozing for hours.

Shetti's daddy wanted to find him a companion so he woudln't be bored while he is not at home. He brought Muffin, an adorable gray tuxedo kitty who immediately bonded with Shetti.

Shetti and Muffin are two inseparable friends. They play together, nap together and eat together. Shetti is so happy to have someone there who can keep up with his energy.

Photos courtesy of Merlijn Hoek.


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