Six Foster Kittens Lined Up for Nap Time

Six Foster Kittens Lined Up for Nap Time


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"They were enticed by a sunbeam that was hitting the edge of the bed. They started off wrestling in it and when I came back to check on them later, they had all drifted off in a row. In one stroke, I pet them all. This set off a chain-reaction of purrs which made the loveliest Medley melody. They stirred and stretched then assumed their positions and drifted off again," said Laurie C, foster mom from Itty Bitty Kitty Committee.

Linus, Beezus, Maxine, Peter, Freddie, Kirby

Zzz... they lined up by the sunbeam

The kitties have all found their forever homes.

Photos courtesy of ©Laurie C. More cuteness of this litter of fosters at the Itty Bitty Kitty Committee (Tacoma, WA).

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