Six Kittens Born on Valentines Day

Six Kittens Born on Valentines Day


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These six beautiful kittens were born on Valentine's Day at an animal rescue center in North-west London.

The cat mother was found heavily pregnant by the center's welfare officer according to Community News Wire. She was taken to the Mayhew Animal Home and soon she gave birth to six furry babies. The staff named the mother cat Valentine Love. The kittens were also given names that mean love in various languages:

"Amour (French), Upendo (Swahili), Agapi (Greek), Amore (Italian), Liebe (German) and Lyubov (Russian)"

It was very fortunate for the mother cat to be found on this day where love was in the air. The story would not have had a happy ending had she given birth on the streets.

"It is wonderful that this story has such a happy ending and that on the one day of the year where we all have love on our mind, these beautiful kittens were born in a cattery decorated with hearts and flowers for the 14th!"

All the animals rescued by the Mayhew Animal Home will be spayed and neutered before they are re-homed.

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