Story and Photos of Ksenya the Cat

Story and Photos of Ksenya the Cat


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Ksenya is a beautiful cat from New York. According to Lana, Ksenya's hooman, her cat mother is a pure white Persian and her dad no one knows.

"Ksenya is amazing. I am pretty convinced she is the cutest cat in the universe with the world's most amazing eyes, she is also incredibly smart and friendly. She seems to understand everything you are saying to her and she never makes the same mistakes twice. She loves to play hide and seek and we often chase each other throughout the house. She also loves playing by boxing with her big paws and giving high fives. She is constant entertainment," says Lana.

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"She is also fearless. When someone comes over she never hides, instead she wants to investigate. Her curiosity is boundless. She investigates everything in her vicinity from new visitors, to noises and places. She also loves being outside on the terrace and cries when we do not let her out. She is not an outdoor cat so we are careful that she does not get too comfortable there, but you can tell she has lots of street cat in her!"

Story and photos courtesy of ©Lanamaniac:

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