Soldier Captures Moments of Stray Cat Choosing Him to Be His Forever Human

Soldier Captures Moments of Stray Cat Choosing Him to Be His Forever Human


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A stray cat followed a soldier to his base after he befriended him and demanded that he be his forever human.

The kitty fell asleep in his helmet.

Courtesy: Justin W.

A stray cat took a liking to a solder who is on active duty near the city of Constanta, Romania. Ever since Justin found the little feline, the kitty has been his shadow, following him around every time he sees him.

"I picked up this kitten weeks ago and he followed me to the barracks we live, on a semi-abandoned base," Justin shared with Love Meow.

"I named him Salem."

Courtesy: Justin W.

The kitty has become quite attached to his human friend.

He will hop onto his lap for love and attention and even slip into his helmet for a cat nap.

Courtesy: Justin W.

"There is a huge problem with strays in this country. They are everywhere. This little guy just took a liking to me," Justin told Love Meow.

After a hectic day of work, Salem comes to Justin and snuggles in his lap, purring up a storm.

Courtesy: Justin W.

Salem is very affectionate towards his human buddy and gives him the comfort he needs that reminds him of home.

The best feeling of the day.

Courtesy: Justin W.

This little guy has stolen his human's heart.

With only a month and a half left in this country, Justin is working on getting the kitty to the vet while looking for a rescue group that could help arrange a trip to get Salem to his home in El Paso, Texas.

Salem enjoying laptime with Justin.

Courtesy: Justin W.

"My wife and I would love to give this little guy a warm home to live in."

The kitty has quite the purrsonality.

Courtesy: Justin W.

Little Salem doesn't want to be anywhere but with his human dad.

Courtesy: Justin W.

Share this story with your friends. Here's the GoFundMe Page Justin set up to help send Salem home to the US. More info on reddit.

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