Stray Cat with Thumbs Surprises Rescuers with Litter of Kittens with Big Mittens...

Stray Cat with Thumbs Surprises Rescuers with Litter of Kittens with Big Mittens...


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A very pregnant stray cat was spotted behind a restaurant going through the garbage. A good Samaritan gave her food and soon realized just how friendly she was.

As the sweet kitty walked up to the kind person, she noticed her giant paws and those opposable thumbs!

Meet Blossom!

Leslie Davis @adorablefosters

Knowing that the expectant cat mama would have her babies any time soon, she found a box to transport Blossom and drove her to Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter (in East Hanover, NJ) where she would get the help she needed.

"We believe Blossom once had a home because she is so loving and friendly. She is approximately nine months old and weighs less than six lbs. She's actually a kitten herself craving attention," Leslie Davis, foster mom, told Love Meow.

A couple hours after she was brought into the shelter, Blossom gave birth to six kittens, a large litter for a tiny cat mama.

Leslie Davis @adorablefosters

When the rescuers examined the babies, they discovered that all the kittens had extra toes and thumbs. It was a beautiful surprise!

"Two of which were born very small. One of the vet techs brought the new family home with her to give them all the best chance to survive," Leslie told Love Meow.

Leslie Davis @adorablefosters

When Blossom had trouble eating, Alex the vet tech bought all kinds of different food to entice the mama cat to eat.

"Finally she found a few items that Blossom could tolerate." The loving momma has never stopped caring for her babies even during tough times.

Leslie Davis @adorablefosters

It was touch and go the first week, and one of the small kittens eventually lost the fight.

"Two weeks later the kittens came to me. I was determined that Blossom and the remaining five babies would not only survive but thrive. I'm happy to that's exactly the case," Leslie told Love Meow.

Leslie Davis @adorablefosters

"They are doing exactly what four week old kittens should be doing--walking like drunken sailors, playing with each other, exploring, learning to groom themselves and nursing as much as possible."

The kittens are now almost four weeks old. The little runt is half the size of her brothers and sister but she is a fighter.

The runty kittyLeslie Davis @adorablefosters

"Mom and all babies are all polydactyls, which means they have an extra thumb. It makes them look like they are all wearing mittens."

Leslie Davis @adorablefosters

There are three boys and two girls.

"Boys are Chunk, Ducky, Mr Boo (all grey) and the girls are Moo (black and white) and Bubbles (the tiny white one)," Leslie told Love Meow.

Leslie Davis @adorablefosters

Mr. Boo and his opposable thumb!

Leslie Davis @adorablefosters

Mama Blossom is so happy to have a safe place to raise her babies.

"Everyone loves kittens, but it's the mommies that hold a special place in my heart. They need their fairy tail ending too."

Leslie Davis @adorablefosters

If you are interested in adopting, you can contact Mt. Pleasant Animal Shelter or foster mom Leslie on Instagram.

The little polydactyl babies!

Those big mittens!

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