They Took In a Scrawny Kitty Found in Their Yard. The Difference in Just 24 Hours

They Took In a Scrawny Kitty Found in Their Yard. The Difference in Just 24 Hours


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They found a homeless starving kitty in their yard. What a difference love can do in just 24 hours!

"I found a stray in our yard around September. Poor thing was starving to death and extremely dehydrated. We have ponds so I'm assuming it wandered into my yard to get a drink from one," imgur user MyGrandmaAndYourGrandma said.

They went to check on the cat, but she quickly retreated into the bushes. "I could only see her little face through the leaves."

Photo: MyGrandmaAndYourGrandma

The cat kept crying and refused to come out. So they got some food to coax the kitty out, and that was when they found out how skinny and frail she was.

"Almost every bone was showing and she was missing hair on most of the lower half of her body. I got her into a crate and brought her to my vet to have her checked out."

As soon as she was in the car, she calmed down. "She was very loving and affectionate in the car and in the vet's office."

Photo: MyGrandmaAndYourGrandma

The kitty was very hungry, so they gave her some food which she quickly devoured.

"She explored the vet's office and was very quizzical, you can see just how thin she was with this photo. She was pretty weak, walked around crouched down and didn't have any energy to jump on anything. They checked for a micro chip and one wasn't found."

She weighed only 4 lbs, but the kitty kept purring the whole time while she was getting help and fluids at the vets. They named her Roo because of her "long kangaroo legs."

Photo: MyGrandmaAndYourGrandma

After 24 hours, Roo put on 2 lbs!

She felt so much better after an overnight stay at the vets. They gave her plenty of fluids to get her back on her paws.

"First day back she got comfy in the bed I picked for her. She slept a lot the first few days, only waking to eat and then go back to her soft new bed to sleep."

Photo: MyGrandmaAndYourGrandma

Four days after Roo came back from the vet, she got stronger and put on some more weight.

"Her fur is looking better. She's much more curious about her environment now and interacting with me more."

Photo: MyGrandmaAndYourGrandma

They put up an ad about a found kitty, but no one came forward to claim Roo, so they decided to give her a forever home as they had all fallen in love with this beautiful and loving cat.

Photo: MyGrandmaAndYourGrandma

A few months later, Roo is happy and healthy!

"She's around 11lbs here and has full run of the house now."

Photo: MyGrandmaAndYourGrandma

Roo figured out the box right away!

Photo: MyGrandmaAndYourGrandma

She and their other cat Meems share the same bed with their human.

"Both of them penning me in at bedtime, it makes sleeping very difficult."

Photo: MyGrandmaAndYourGrandma

Roo getting snuggles and chin scritches.

Now she does this every night before bedtime with her favorite human who found her in the yard and gave her a family.

Photo: MyGrandmaAndYourGrandma

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