The Smallest Member In the Family

The Smallest Member In the Family


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This adorable furball named Kariniya (かりにゃ) is the only female in her family. She is the youngest of all and is very loved by her hooman and three brothers. Being a Munchkin, Kariniya has the smallest stature, but the biggest heart toward everyone in the family.

Kariniya just turned two years old on March 10. I still remember seeing her on YouTube when she was only a few months old. That tiny little ball of fur was just too cute for words. Though she only weighed a few pounds, she won over millions of people's hearts with her best YouTube video that snatched over two million views.

Kariniya's brothers are very loving and caring for her, despite the occasional spats. At the end, they are always best buddies, napping and grooming each other. Kariniya loves to give her brothers massages and cuddles. She follows them around and they are very protective of her. What a cute and adorable family!

Feel free check out Kariniya and her brother's blog and YouTube channel. Photos via © 天使がウチにやってきた.

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