There is a Big Eater in the Household

There is a Big Eater in the Household


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In a multi-cat household, not every cat eats an equal amount. In a perfect world, each cat will have their own bowl, eats at the same pace and the same amount without snooping around another cat's plate, but in the real world it is not quite so.

There is always a bigger eater in the house that tries to hijack food from a less dominant cat. In fact, cats start this type of behavior since kitten-hood. The more dominant cat smells food from his sibling's plate and swoops over without hesitation. The more confidence a cat shows in his actions, the more he is able to get his way. The other cat may get intimidated by the boldness of the dominant cat and become subservient, backing off from the plate disappointed.

How can we help the little timid guy get his share of food?

The best way to feed your cats without worrying one of them may go hungry is to feed the hungry hippo in a separate room. This way, the big eater has his own food and won't over eat while keeping his distance from other cat(s), so the rest of the cats can eat in a peaceful environment with no interruption.


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