10+ Kitties Wouldn't Leave Their Humans Alone When They are in Bathroom

10+ Kitties Wouldn't Leave Their Humans Alone When They are in Bathroom


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Many cats like to follow their humans to the bathroom and some refuse to let them stay there by themselves. They watch and wait until their humans exit the bathroom door.

These 10+ kitties wouldn't leave their humans alone every time they use the bathroom. When they turn on the shower, their furry companions stand guard. They are perplexed as why their humans would allow themselves to go through such an unthinkable activity.

Photo: corporation cats

"Walter likes to 'hide' in the tub and attack when you try to pee," ColorlessMurakami said.

Photo: ColorlessMurakami

He does this every time his human showers.

Photo: dizneedave

Meeka is curious about everything her human does in the bathroom.

Photo: birdasaurr

Spying on her human during her shower.

Photo: hobostabz

Soaking in the tub when suddenly... (Phil the cat)

Photo: Justin

That head tilt!

Photo: sheerenvy

There is no such thing as privacy when you have cats.

Photo: Lexidh

When their human is getting out of the shower...

Photo: Kyoeus

"I've been sick and camped out by the toilet all day. This is how my cat shows he's there for me," Wewbie said.

Photo: Wewbie

"First time cat owner = first time being watched in the shower by a non-person," lysr777 said.

Photo: lysr777

If the door is closed, they will still try...

Photo: jaws918

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