This Purrcasso Kitty's Unique Face Makes Him Doubly Cuteee!


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This adorable little guy is one of a kind. He was rescued by a vet who took him into their clinic and nursed him back to health. They named him Quasi whose face looks a bit squished.

"The vet believes he was squished against a sibling in the womb causing the twist in his face. This does not affect Quasi in any way except his indisputable cuteness!" BC SPCA wrote at Facebook.

The clinic took excellent care of the cat. "(They) even neutered the little guy before allowing the SPCA to find him his forever home."

While Quasi was in the foster home, his foster mom fell in love with him and decided to keep him permanently!

"Quasi was adopted by one of our regular volunteers, he is doing great and is well taken care of! Because of his deformity he does have teeth issues but he is on an oral care food to help.

His name has been changed to Beaker and she loves him very much!"

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