Tiny Orphan Cat Adopted By Gentle Giant Great Dane


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Tinycat is an orphan kitten who was just 4 weeks old when they found her. Zeus is a Great Dane, big in stature and kind at heart. When they met, Tinycat was just the size of the gentle giant's paw. The big dog took in the little feline baby and became the brother she never had. (reddit)

At 4 weeks old, little orphan Tinycat found a new home...

...and a gentle giant, a Great Dane, to be her friend. His name is Zeus. When they met, she was as big as his paw.

What Tinycat lacks in size, she surely makes up for in personality.

Zeus has become Tinycat's brother she never had, and is very protective of her.

Watching over his kitty. What a special bond!

Photos and story via reddit.

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